Tuesday, December 1, 2009


There is no such thing as a coincidence. We all know that deep down, don’t we? Sometimes the alignment of circumstances that grabs our attention is a big thing, like meeting someone seemingly by chance, and recognizing them instantly as a meaningful part of your life. I’ve been there more than a couple times. And sometimes, it’s just a little moment that serves to remind us that the universe really is lined up in our favor. This past Sunday, I was leading a discussion session with the lovely folks at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Outer Banks – Kitty Hawk, NC. Part of the talk had to do with the importance of creating quiet time in our lives, especially to give our brains a break from the blinding onslaught of information enabled by modern technology. In particular, I brought up something we all know, that these days almost all of us have communication devices strapped to or near our person so we can avail ourselves of information, and make ourselves available to others anywhere, any time. And, don’t you know it, right as I finished making that point, what happened? You got it - a mobile phone went off. Coincidence? You may call it so, but I say no way. The universe has great timing, and a great sense of humor, and all of us in the room enjoyed a big laugh at this small reminder. The laugh got even bigger when I shared that at my home church, there is a suggested love offering of $100 if your cell phone goes off during a service. The owner of the offending device on Sunday morning took all the playful ribbing in stride, and I sent out a silent thank you for yet another reminder that the more I look for positive outcomes, the more I will find. The opposite is just as true. Don’t we all know someone who looks for trouble, and finds it without fault? I choose to look for good, even in the face of outer turmoil, and my life is filled with little reminders of the universe responding in kind. For all of this, and for the appearance of “coincidences”, I am thankful.